We offer our families customized postpartum support capable of adapting as needs grow and change. 

Flourish in Parenthood's goal it to not only provide comprehensive newborn and baby care but also provide support to the postpartum mother and their family. Your customized postpartum support will provide you with proactive or responsive care based on the needs of the family.



(Starting at $25-40/hour)

Planning for the fourth trimester is often left until the very last minute, like as you are walking in the door with your newborn! Flourish in Parenthood believes that planning for the postpartum period is as important and sometimes more important than planning for your birth. The fourth trimester is a time of new beginnings, new experiences, and a time when professional support and care can go a long way. Our postpartum doulas provide your family with professional, informational, physical, and emotional support and help you optimize your days and evenings and create a flourishing environment for your family.


  • In-home prenatal visit at 36 weeks of pregnancy and assistance in creating a postpartum plan

  • Daytime & overnight care for newborn and mom

  • Short term & long-term live-in care

  • Nurturing care of you and your baby so that you may rest & bond with your baby

  • Breast, bottle, and formula feeding support

  • Newborn care solutions - swaddling, calming, baby wearing, bathing, diapering

  • Newborn behavior information and sleep solutions

  • Light meal preparation, planning and grocery shopping

  • Nursery management & organizational tips

  • Light household tidying

  • Sibling integration, attention and playtime



(Starting at $25-35/hour)

A Newborn Specialists provide loving care for babies, usually at night, so new parents can get much-needed rest. Our comprehensive newborn care provides home care for your baby based off of evidence based care techniques, which are intended to optimize your baby's health and growth. 


  • Feeding by bottle or bringing baby to Mom for nursing

  • Changing laundering infant clothes

  • Sterilizing bottles

  • Burping and settling newborn back to sleep after feeding

  • Helping to create a nurturing, stimulating environment for baby during waking hours

  • Documenting baby’s patterns, including sleeping log and feeding and changing times

  • Transitioning baby to a regular feeding schedule

  • Formulating a sleep schedule

  • Educating parents about care for twins, triplets, etc.

  • Providing parental guidance and support

  • Consulting on lactation issues

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